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Promote your favourite Fics and Authors!

Welcome to narniarecs, the community that once a week, every week, recs the best Narnia fics around!

Every Monday, the mods of the community will post a request for your favourite fics. Comments for this post will not be shown to public. The mods will then read the recommendations of the members, and keep a count of the fics that get the most recommendations.

You have the whole week to vote for your favourite fics, and the fics with most votes will be published during the weekend in the Recommendations Post along with the Mods recommendations.

Sounds quite complicated, doesn't it? It's not really. The idea of the community is to promote the great Narnia fics and authors, and to bring knowledge of great fics to the readers. The community cannot function without the help of members so please do join and spread the word!

We will also be hosting an annual NarniaFic award competition, to truly compliment the best Narnia fics of the year, and to promote the fandom.

Other than that, there will be discussions, polls and general chatting about the books, movies, the fandom in general and just hanging out. The community strives to connect the fandom people and in general, just have a good time!

There are very few rules, and the obvious expectations of courtesy and staying in topic. Also, if you do choose to join this community, or read its contents, you confirm to be of consenting age in your own region.

Friends do not let friends read bad fanfic. Let's all be friends :)

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